The She-Creature



I am an eccentric human, with a serious passion for languages. I have been interested in the aspects of education and writing for a long time, and decided to pursue those two aspects as a potential, full fledged career. 

Phone: +27781206438


Skype: shecreature.underthebed




High-School: St Dunstan's College

                    (2012 - 2016)

I completed high-school in 2016, with the IEB syllabus. I recieved 88% for Afrikaans, 73% for English, and 71% for Geography.


University: University of Pretoria

                    (2017 - Present)

I am studing at the University of Pretoria currently, doing a BA (Humanities) and I will be majoring in English, Psychology, and Sociology. 

I Tutored Afrikaans for 1 year, in 2017. My student's mark in afrikaans increased from a 50% to a 70% within one year of me tutoring her. 

I also acted as an in-house tutor for many of my fellow students whilst I was in high-school, and their marks also improved greatly. 

I worked online, tutoring foreign students to speak english, on a site called PopOn, and I have continuously recieved 5 star ratings from all the students I have tutored. 


I did public speaking for which I recieved an A+, and all the speeches I have done have recieved no lower than an 80%.  

I am able to operate Windows and Microsoft with complete proficiency. 

I am able to work well with people, and realise what their needs are.

I am diligent in meeting deadlines on time. 

Please Email me so I can provide you with the contact details personally, as my references have asked to not be publicly disclosed.


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