The She-Creature

Price List.


Payment settlement.

For any Content work that I provide, I will only accept PayPal payments, and a deposit of 20% is required. One you have placed the order, you are frequired to pay the deposit, and the rest is payable upon delivery of product. 


Tutoring is payable at the end of the month, an invoice will be sent, and you can choose to pay cash, EFT, or PayPal. 


Speech coaching is payable per session in cash or EFT.

This service comes in different packages, and with extras, all for a certain price. I will write a content peice of up to 1800 words, in no more that 4 days. Research is included with each package, to a certain extent  and revisons are included. I will need to be provided with a topic, a word count, and the package you have chosen. 

For more details on the packages, and the various prices, please refer to my pricelist, or contact me with any enquiries you may have. 


Speech Coaching

I provide tutoring in three different ways: online tutoring which will take place via Skype, and all the classes resources will be commiunicated via E-Mail. 

Individual in-person tutoring, which will be conducted at the venue of the learners choice, and all the curriculum materials will be provided the day of the class. 

Group tutoring, which will be conducted at a location that I determine, and all the curriculum materials will be provided by me.


All my tutoring will be in collaboration with the Caps and IEB systems, as I will be working hand in hand with schools.


Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Geography.

This is a service that I will conduct at my home. The service has 2 options:

the 1st option is that I just assist the client in writing a top class speech, with all the research and required extra material. 


The other option is that I provide speech coaching, where I can assist the person to write a speech and I can also coach them in speaking. I am an A+ Public Speaker and Debater, so rest assured that the service I provide will be of the best quality. 


Sessions are 90 minutes.


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