The She-Creature

Passion For Language.

As a writer, you are forced to contend with a great deal of critism and judgement, but as soon as you realise what your personal reason is for writing, and where your passions lie in life, your job as a writer becomes easier. 

That was my whole issue to begin with. I felt as if I hadn't found my passion, I felt as if I had no passion, well that was untill I came across the world of writing. It was a difficult topic to approach with myself, and of course with my family, but in the end, making the decision to follow my passion in life, and to become a writer was the greatest gift I had ever recieved, and to think that I had given it to myself, thats what's even more astounding. 

My vision as a writer, especially with my novel, is to address certain social issues that other people are often afraid of addressing. Issues that are in desperate need of beng addressed. I want to be a voice for those who are afraid of using their voice, or those who may feel like they do not have a voice at all. 

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