She-Creature Freelancing

  • Living Life Without Restrictions

    People have often asked me why I'm such a happy person, and I never really have to think about the answer to that question, because I already know the answer. I live my life without restrictions. Now i kniw, to many people this may seem fairly risky, because many people believe that restrictions are necessary for safety, or reasons similar to that one, but i personally believe that restrictions just add more stress to an already stressful life. 

    No, before you start to wonder, I do not take life threatening chances, or risks that may negatively impact me in my future, but I take risks where I see an opportunity. I rely heavily on my gut feeling, and as a freelancer, this trust in my gut feeling has come to my rescue, and has helped me in making fairly difficult decisions in my career. 

    So, you might be wondering what I mean then if I say that I live my life without restrictions. Well, simply put, I remove all my doubts from my mind and I conquer all my fears, because in the end, those are the only real obstacles that we have when it comes to making a success out of ourselves. Without these doubs and fears, my creativity id free to flow about my mind and to create the works thati have published on this site. 

    The greatest thing that I could have ever done for myself, and for my career, was to make sure that I lived my life without restrictions, and allowed my creativity to flow as it must. 

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